Sep 30 2012

Auditor’s Race: Candidate Watkins writes about opponent Kelly

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From James Watkins, candidate for state auditor:

Friends – this is an unpleasant post to write.

As soon as State Representative Troy Kelley entered the race, my campaign started getting bizarre tips and allegations about Troy – things like misappropriation of funds, suspicious office fires, theft, and offshore bank accounts in Belize.  The tips increased after he spent a record amount of ‘his’ own money to fool voters into thinking he was endorsed by Brian Sonntag for state auditor.

So, in a manner similar to traditional whistle-blower allegations, my team of volunteer researchers checked it out.  Unfortunately, we uncovered a trove of lawsuits and court documents that detail an otherwise unbelievable story – a story that voters deserve to know.

But I’m not asking voters to take my word for it.  Detailed case summaries, time-lines, and searchable PDF’s of the original documents are posted at Certified copies of case files can be obtained from the original courts of jurisdiction.  Voters can read the summaries and documents and decide for themselves.

Brief summaries are below: Read more »

Apr 23 2012

Puget Sound Conservative Underground: Upcoming events

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Sunday, May 6, 2012, 2:30 PM
Join fellow Conservatives in a cup of coffee next month in Redmond while discussing today’s hot political issues. During this particular “Coffee with Conservatives,” we’ll be joined by Congressional candidate JOHN KOSTER and State Auditor candidate JAMES WATKINS. Please RSVP here.

Saturday, June 23, 2012, 2:30 PM
The 3rd annual PSCU FAMILY PICNIC will be held in Kenmore. This Picnic is for PSCU members and their friends/family – single adults, married couples, kids, grandparents, crazy uncles, whomever. We want to make this a day of old fashioned fun where we relax around the picnic tables in good conversation, enjoying our beautiful area and our wonderful country…before we gear up for the upcoming Republican Presidential Convention and the fall campaigning in our state for conservative candidates. Please RSVP here.

Oct 22 2010

First Congressional District: Watkins v Inslee

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Inslee has a way to avoid answering questions. This video humorously and creatively gets to the point without wasting time. Here is more.

Jul 22 2010

Cap and Trade

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Submitted by Kathi:

After the Cap and Trade Bill passed the House of Representatives, Representative Jay Inslee proudly sent an email out to his constituents praising his own work. He took credit for helping to write most of the Cap and Trade Bill saying it was the milestone of his political career…. something that he’s the MOST proud of accomplishing as Representative. Now the Bill is coming to the US Senate with a new name but the same terrible contents and effects. Read this article and then decide if Inslee deserves to be re-elected. James Watkins is a far better candidate. If you’ve heard James speak, you know about his experience in Washington D.C. and in private business. He’s impressive, qualified and deserving of a chance to work toward a balanced federal budget (right now we have no federal budget). We deserve better than Inslee!