May 09 2012

Video: What a history lesson can do for an Occupier

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Be sure to watch the video from Hotair:
The irony here, of course, is that the history lesson of democracy gets delivered by a former refugee from the former Soviet Union, but the history lesson doesn’t just end with the USA. One young man tried to pass an “Occupy Wall Street Journal” to two men observing the protests, and ended up gaining an education in history, politics, economics, and statecraft. Give the young Occupier credit, as Joe Schoffstall says — he was at least willing to listen.
Our group has its own refugee, Eva, who escaped from communist Hungary during the revolution of 1956. She is equally well informed and grateful for capitalism.  Here’s her story: Read more »
May 08 2012

Socialism: A cartoon

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You’ve likely read the ‘story’ before in text-only format and with different ‘players’ but this version is very cleverly done. H/T Frieda!

Jun 07 2011

SEIU marches with Southern California Communists in May Day demonstration

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From the Washington Examiner:

Members of a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) chapter in Los Angeles turned out arm-in-arm with members of assorted Communist Party and socialist groups last month for their annual May Day demonstration.

If that sentence strikes you as jarring, be forewarned that the photo-essay reporting the demonstration by Southern California citizen-journalist Ringo will quite possibly make your head spin.…

Some important qualifiers are in order here: Police estimated the crowd at about 10,000, while Ringo put it at 4,000, so this clearly represents the fringe of the fringe on the Left. Still, the photographs speak for themselves. And suggest some very troubling questions about SEIU. Read more »

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Sep 23 2010

In Their Own Words – Replacing Capitalism With Socialism

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Thank you John from PSCU:

Redistributing wealth never works because government spending always increases, requiring more and more confiscation of wealth through taxes until there’s not enough profit incentive to stay in business. Eventually, wealth creation and tax revenues decline and the country collapses into bankruptcy.

This is one reason why socialism is flawed by design, and why socialist countries never prosper and eventually go broke.

This November, do your part to Stop Socialism. Vote liberal-progressives out of office.

Jun 05 2010

Dennis Prager on the Future of America

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Contributed by John C:

I warned voters for more than a year before the 2008 elections that for the first time in history we would be choosing not between democrat and Republican or liberal and conservative, but between socialism and capitalism. Similarly, in the 2010 elections, we will not be voting for typical democrat or Republican policies (both parties and their policies have become corrupt). Instead, we will be choosing one last time on whether to become a socialist country, or return to the founding principles that led to American exceptionalism. Read more »

Jan 02 2010

The Result of Entitlements and Dependency

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How did it get this way?