Nov 18 2012

What about those Libertarians?

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Checkout the libertarian platform.  It values individual liberty more than the Republican’s, leaving social issues to the state. Listen to Ron Paul’s farewell speech

I met lots of Ron Paul supporters at the convention. They were intelligent, enthusiastic and well read. Curious, I learned more about the party. Without compromising principles of liberty and small government, I think many from the left would embrace the libertarian platform.

Side note: While doorbelling in my precinct, a LOT of neighbors said that they were fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Most said they were democrats.

Feb 20 2012

Ron Paul

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Note: Shoreline Caucus is promoting a presidential candidate debate and encourages participation. Click here for more details.

Ron Paul is typically consistent and intelligent in his core values and political concepts.  The bottom line – if you want to get the government out of our private lives – if you want the government to stop controlling us – if you want to cut government regulation – Ron Paul is the only candidate who is consistent in applying these fundamental genuinely conservative concepts as opposed to simply cherry-picking to fit his preconceived religious ideology and simply using conservative concepts for personal political gain, power and control. Read more »

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Feb 20 2012

Welcome to the Presidential Debates!

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The Shoreline Caucus held a straw poll at February’s meeting, and some members replied to news of the results with notes of strong concern that those voting in the straw poll didn’t see it their way, the majority voting instead for Rick Santorum.

This gave us an idea – we would like to host a virtual debate for the presidential nominee.  Simply write a paper, 650 words or less, and submit it to the Shoreline Caucus at ““.  We will post your papers by category “President Candidates” (see left side panel), and you can express your views for all the world to see.   This is especially important in advance of the Precinct Caucuses coming up in two weeks on March 3rd, because we will be electing delegates at those caucuses, some of whom will ultimately end up at the national convention voting for the party’s presidential nominee. Read more »