Sep 30 2012

Why I changed my vote

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Americans who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 share why they’re changing their vote in 2012 and will be casting their ballot for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November. H/T Kathi.

Feb 21 2012

The case for Mitt Romney

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Note: Shoreline Caucus is promoting a presidential candidate debate and encourages participation. Click here for more details.

The first and most important reason I support Mitt Romney for president is he is a former Governor and his opponents have none of this “unique” experience on their resumes. The salient point of having a governorship in your history is that of being the CEO of a state or in other words, that place where the buck ultimately stops. There are and have been good governors and bad governors and among even the best governors, what I perceive as mistakes or errors inevitably happen. One cannot be all things to all people all the time and if a governor has true character he will learn from his errors and grow accordingly so to recognize future pitfalls. Read more »

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