Apr 15 2012

Never on Sunday

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The Democratic Precinct Caucuses are being held today at 1:00pm. In Shoreline, precincts west of I-5 will convene at Meridian Park Elementary School, those east of I-5 at Shorecrest High School.  They expect a 75% lower turnout than they had in 2008.

Two things most Republicans would never do:

  1. Hold their Caucuses on a Sunday.
  2. Hold their Caucuses on the weekend before Tax Day.


Two things most Democrats would never do:

  1. Hold their Caucuses in a church.
  2. Worry about income taxes.
Nov 22 2011

WARNING—-The girls having fun in this video do not have any clothes on!

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Jul 02 2010

The Great “R” Problem

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Contributed by Ed:

The R platform is 100% Tea worthy.  The great R problem is its lack of platform fidelity on the part of too many of its electeds.   The same fundamental problem we face nationally, the desire of the elites to harness everyone else and press them into their service, is mirrored in the R party rift between the grass roots and the leadership.  Read more »