Jul 28 2014

Are Illegal-alien Children a Disease Threat?

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alienchildrenThe establishment media’s refusal to acknowledge that once-contained or eradicated diseases are re-entering the U.S. through the latest flood of illegal aliens isn’t a surprise to Michael Savage, who earned a doctorate in epidemiology at the University of California at Berkeley before becoming a top nationally syndicated talk-radio host.  Here’s his take on the situation.

May 08 2012

Tax loophole paying out billions to illegal aliens

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Millions of illegal immigrants are getting a bigger tax refund than you. Eyewitness News shows a massive tax loophole that provides billions of dollars in tax credits to undocumented workers and, in many cases, people who have never stepped foot in the United States. And you are paying for it!

H/T Lois!

Jan 07 2012

Uninsured cars off road

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Hat Tip Lee! Recently Dallas passed an ordinance stating that if a driver is pulled over by law enforcement and is not able to provide proof of insurance, the car is towed.

To retrieve the car after being impounded, they must show proof of insurance to have the car released. This has made it easy for the City of Dallas to remove uninsured cars.

Shortly after the “No Insurance” ordinance was passed, the Dallas impound lots began to fill up and were full after only nine days. 80 + % of the impounded cars were driven by illegals.

Not only must they provide proof of insurance to have their car released, they have to pay for the cost of the tow, a $350 fine, and $20 for every day their car is kept in the lot.

Accident rates are going down and… Dallas’ solution gets uninsured drivers off the road WITHOUT making them show proof of nationality.

Wonder how the ACLU or the Justice Department will get around this one.

Just brings tears to my eyes.

GO Dallas !

Aug 31 2010

Wrong Court Ruled on Arizona Law

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While attending Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s  workshop on ‘Why Federalism Works’, the instructor said that according to the Constitution,  any lawsuit involving a State and the Federal Government will be heard by the Supreme Court. He added that the lawsuit brought by numerous States against the Federal Government regarding Obamacare will be the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.  I wondered if this is how the lawsuit filed against Arizona by the Federal Government will proceed.  Ava sent me this interesting update:

In a stunning development that could potentially send the nation into a Constitutional crisis, an astute attorney who is well-versed in Constitutional law states that the ruling against the State of Arizona by Judge Susan Bolton concerning its new immigration law is illegal.  

The attorney in question submitted her assertion in a special article in the Canada Free Press.  Her argument states in part, “Does anyone read the U.S. Constitution these days? American lawyers do not read it. Federal Judge Susan R. Bolton apparently has never read it. Same goes for our illustrious Attorney General Eric Holder.  Read more…

Aug 15 2010

Obama and Holder v Arizona

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Jul 31 2010

Governor Brewer v Robert Sarver

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Wonderful analogy!

 The owner of the Phoenix Suns basketball team, Robert Sarver, opposes AZ’s new immigration laws.  Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer, released the following statement in response to Sarver’s criticism of the new law:     

“What if the owners of the Suns discovered that hordes of people were sneaking into games without paying? What if they had a good idea who the gate-crashers are, but the ushers and security personnel were not allowed to ask these folks to produce their ticket stubs, thus non-paying attendees couldn’t be ejected. Furthermore, what if Suns’ ownership was expected to provide those who sneaked in with complimentary eats and drink? And what if, on those days when a gate-crasher became ill or injured, the Suns had to provide free medical care and shelter?”

May 27 2010

What’s Happening in Arizona

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obamaspeakCartoon courtesy of Mark Dean. Sums it up succinctly!

May 21 2010

Updated:Mexico President Calderon blasts Arizona’s new immigration law

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Watch this and then read Michelle Maulkin’s post on How Mexico treats illegal aliens. Incredible! FYI, here is Senate Bill 1070.

Rep. Tom McClintock (R CA) Response to Mexican President Caldron: