Feb 16 2012

Ted Nugent defends the 2nd amendment

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Tell us how you really feel Ted! From PBS!

Nov 10 2011

Arguments for the second amendment

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Jun 28 2010

Crime in Chicago

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It’s great to see how well the gun ban  is working in Chicago 😉 Taken from page 43 of the  McDonald v Chicago ruling:

Second, petitioners and many others who live in high crime areas dispute the proposition that the Second Amendment right does not protect minorities and those lacking political clout. The plight of Chicagoans living in high-crime areas was recently highlighted when two Illinois legislators representing Chicago districts called on the Governor to deploy the Illinois National Guard to patrol the City’s streets.31 The legislators noted that the number of Chicago homicide victims during the current year equaled the number of American soldiers killed during that same period in Afghanistan and Iraq and that 80% of the Chicago victims were black.32 Amici supporting incorporation of the right to keep and bear arms contend that the right is especially important for women and members of other groups that may be especially vulnerable to violent crime.33 If, as petitioners believe, their safety and the safety of other law-abiding members of the community would be enhanced by the possession of handguns in the home for self-defense, then the Second Amendment right protects the rights of minorities and other residents of high-crime areas whose needs are not being met by elected public officials.

I wonder how repealing the gun ban will affect those statistics.  Here is a little history of gun control.

Apr 08 2010

Now I Feel Safe!

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When tragic events such as school shootings occur, some people seem tempted to call for “gun free zones”, in which it would be unlawful to have a firearm, and/or where the penalties for having a firearm would be increased dramatically. The belief that these “gun free zones” will prevent crime relies upon flawed reasoning, namely the belief that criminals will be deterred by these new “gun free zone” laws, even know they are not deterred by longstanding laws against murder, armed robbery, rape, etc. Perhaps looking at a few high profile shootings will better illustrate the point.  Read more »