Apr 15 2012

Obama Calls for Caucus Turnout

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Be sure to check out President Obama’s call for action at the Shoreline Precinct Caucuses. It is quite a moving speech. (Give it time to load).

Apr 15 2012

Never on Sunday

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The Democratic Precinct Caucuses are being held today at 1:00pm. In Shoreline, precincts west of I-5 will convene at Meridian Park Elementary School, those east of I-5 at Shorecrest High School.  They expect a 75% lower turnout than they had in 2008.

Two things most Republicans would never do:

  1. Hold their Caucuses on a Sunday.
  2. Hold their Caucuses on the weekend before Tax Day.


Two things most Democrats would never do:

  1. Hold their Caucuses in a church.
  2. Worry about income taxes.
Dec 08 2011

Déjà vu!

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May 28 2011

Where do you stand politically?

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Take this Quiz to find out. You’ll be asked just 10 easy questions, and then it instantly tells you where you stand politically. It shows your position as a red dot on a “political map” so you’ll see exactly where you score.

The most interesting thing about the Quiz is that it goes beyond the Democrat, Republican, and Independent.

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Aug 24 2010

Remember in November

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