May 08 2012

US Debt Crisis Explained

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Here’s an eye-opening video explaining the US debt crisis that will hopefully help you to cast your ballot for the best Representative in November or find one to support. Read more »

Jul 21 2011

Government Debt

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This paints the picture clearly & succinctly. And he doesn’t even mention Obamacare! Thanks Linda.

Feb 11 2011

John Gage, President of the American Federation of Government

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Thank you Kathi!

This public employee union boss, who is paid with your tax dollars, actually called folks like you and me “mentally retarded” for working to cut spending.

Again, this isn’t some nameless, faceless guy — John Gage is the President of the American Federation of Government Employees Union and he’s calling fellow citizens “mentally retarded” for wanting to cut federal spending which by the way is expected to run a record $1.5 trillion deficit this coming fiscal year. We shared our video with FOX News and they ran it multiple times. Read more »

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