Oct 08 2012

Katy escapes during the Hungarian Revolution

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A neighbor, Katy, gives her account:

My grandparents spoke German at home. My grandfather was Polish, meeting my grandmother during WWI.  They lived happily until WWII.

When Hitler came into power, Hungarian Germans sided with Nazis.  All bridges were destroyed during WWII. In 1944, my mother was shopping with some friends. They wanted to go on the trolley but it was too crowded. Then the bridge was blown up. Everyone on the trolley died.  The Germans bombed the bridges to thwart the Russians, setting charges underneath.  But when the river froze it could be crossed. Read more »

Oct 08 2012

Eva escapes during the Hungarian Revolution

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A member of Shoreline Caucus shares her memories of living in Communist Hungary. This video highlights her escape. Another describes her experience with TB. Here is the rest of the story: Read more »
Jun 07 2011

SEIU marches with Southern California Communists in May Day demonstration

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From the Washington Examiner:

Members of a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) chapter in Los Angeles turned out arm-in-arm with members of assorted Communist Party and socialist groups last month for their annual May Day demonstration.

If that sentence strikes you as jarring, be forewarned that the photo-essay reporting the demonstration by Southern California citizen-journalist Ringo will quite possibly make your head spin.…

Some important qualifiers are in order here: Police estimated the crowd at about 10,000, while Ringo put it at 4,000, so this clearly represents the fringe of the fringe on the Left. Still, the photographs speak for themselves. And suggest some very troubling questions about SEIU. Read more »

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