Jan 27 2013

Government “Protection”

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Government gun control has been the topic of debate in recent months. But government ‘protection’ has resulted in MILLIONS of deaths every year.

From the January 10th broadcast of the Mark Levin show:

Mark talks about DDT and what happened when the EPA got involved and banned DDT despite the positive effects of it. They came in and banned it and did more harm than good. (Since 1999, over 38,000,000 people have died from malaria.)  The same thing with the CAFE standards that the federal government is imposing – making people less safe in their cars. (How many of the annual 42,000 traffic fatalities are the result of CAFE standards?) These are just a few major examples of the politicians thinking they know what they’re doing when it comes to regulating and controlling the individual and the individual’s rights, and it having a very serious and disastrous effect. The push against the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with the mass murders that have taken place, but rather it is the statists, the government and the media wanting to push their own agenda. Read more »