Apr 25 2013

Carlin on plastic bags and other stuff

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WARNING! Profanity!


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Apr 13 2013

House of Horror

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gosnellWhat’s wrong with this picture?
Empty seats reserved for press at Gosnell Trial.
(JD Mullane/phillyburbs.com)

The Kermit Gosnell trail started on March 18th. He’s the abortion doctor who stuck scissors into the necks of babies born alive. This occurred many, many times. I won’t repeat the horrific details Here is the Grand Jury Report. The first 19 pages are the ‘overview’ which is certain to grab your attention.  Scrolling down, pictorial evidence is provided, such as jars containing the severed feet of babies and a 30-week baby girl.

The silence from mainstream media is deafening. Since the trial began, there is not one mention in the printed version of the Seattle Times. Does it not meet the Seattle Times political agenda? This is not about being ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-life.’ It’s about basic human rights.

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