Jun 16 2010

Asia a better business environment than US

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Please listen to this short interview with Steve Wynn, Hotelier and Real Estate on CNBC.  Investor in Las Vegas and Macau .  If you listen to this interview (to the point, especially the last half) and nothing else today, you will be better informed than your neighbor about the state of the union.

Jun 15 2010

Meeting on June 15th

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For location, rsvp@shorelinecaucus.com


Local Candidate Presentations:

•           Heidi Munson, State Representative, 1st Leg. District

•           Elizabeth Scott, State Representative, 21st Leg. District, Pos. 2

•           David Baker, State Senator, 32nd Leg. District

•           Art Coday, State Representative, 32nd Leg. District, Pos. 1

•           Gary Gagliardi, State Representative, 32nd Leg. District, Pos. 2

•           Ed Borey, State Represenatative, 21st Leg. District, Pos. 1 (tentative)

 Latest Primary Results – what they mean to you

•           Speaker TBD

 Shoreline Caucus Billboard Presentation

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Jun 14 2010

Strategy behind the ground zero mosque

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“Allah most merciful, for whose forgiveness there is not a sin too large.” — The words are those of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.  The Imam—and an unidentified Muslim group which he represents—has paid $4.85 million in cash to purchase the site of the old Burlington Coat Factory (which was damaged during 9/11), located right around the corner from Ground Zero.

Upon completion of the mosque, all New Yorkers in the area will be able to hear the prayerful chanting of “Allahu Akhbar” on a regular basis, at the very site where it was heard just nine years ago—moments before the planes hit the towers.

Never forget.

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Jun 14 2010

Constitution of No

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If President Obama’s motto is “Yes, we can,” the Constitution’s is “No, you can’t.”   –By U.S. Senator Jim DeMint

When a reporter asked House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) during a press conference last year where the Constitution granted Congress the authority to enact an individual health-insurance mandate, she answered, “Are you serious? Are you serious?” Speaker Pelosi then dismissed the question and moved on to the next reporter.

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Jun 14 2010

An open letter to Helen Thomas

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“In light of your recent remarks that Jews must ‘get the hell out of Palestine’ and ‘go home,’ I think I should tell you about my parents’ families.”


Jun 08 2010

Why We Should Rally ‘Round Rossi

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In a recent poll of members of the Puget Sound Conservative Underground, immediately after Dino Rossi announced he would be running for the Senate, the question was asked if we should “Rally ‘Round Rossi.” Almost half of the 104 voters (48%) said Rossi is similar to Charlie Crist of Florida, and they checked the box that said Rossi is “so much of a RINO that it wouldn’t make much difference if he was elected instead of Murray.” (poll results at: http://www.meetup.com/PugetSoundConservativeUnderground/polls/238444/)

NJ Governor Christie

Another poll asked 72 Puget Sound Conservative Underground members if they would vote for a Republican like Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, as our state’s governor. An overwhelming 99% said they would. (poll results at: http://www.meetup.com/PugetSoundConservativeUnderground/polls/239071/)

What was the significance of these results, and what was the connection between asking these two poll questions? Conservatives (myself included) are in love with Chris Christie. We see him as one of us – someone who wants smaller government, less spending, and the return of sanity and common sense to government. He’s a breath of fresh air not only in New Jersey, but reaching all the way to our state, where Conservative Washingtonians would salivate at the possibility of having a Chris Christie-type candidate to run for office here. So if you’re wondering if my reason for the polls above and the verification of our fondness for New Jersey’s governor was to help set the stage to present our own Chris Christie-type candidate for our state’s Senate race, the answer is: Yes, it was. And if you’re assuming this Chris Christie-type candidate, the one we Conservatives love and would definitely vote for, is named Clint Didier, the answer is: No, it isn’t.

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Jun 06 2010


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For latest update, scroll to bottom…

Our first billboard was displayed just north of 175th on the west side of Aurora facing south!  Dori Monson talked about it on Friday, June 25th.

Between August 25th and September 21st,  this sign was displayed just north of 145th on the west side of Aurora facing south (an excellent location!):

On September 21st this sign is displayed at the same location:

09/28/2010: Dave Duffy from Clear Channel contacted me today about a person who is willing to put $5,000 into a large (14′ high by 48′ wide) billboard on Alaskan Way. He needs $2,000 more for printing and space during the 2 weeks before the election (starting October 18th). This person wants to know if anyone would be interested in contributing. Here’s the design:

Feedback indicates that the message isn’t strong enough so here’s a revised version:


Here’s the location:

Please email Dave Duffy of Clear Channel (DavidDuffy@clearchannel.com)  if you want to pledge a contribution. After $2,000 in pledges has been collected, Dave will let you know.

 Thank you!

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Jun 06 2010

Helen Thomas on 5-27-2010

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Here is a Brief History of Israel and the Jewish People.

Jun 05 2010

The Pyramid of Success

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Rest in Peace to John Wooden, the best basketball coach of all-time and arguably the best coach of any sport of all time. He died on June 4, at the age of 99.

I met John Wooden at his basketball camp in California when I was 16. His philosophy of life, not just of basketball, has always stuck with me. You can read more about him through his books “They Call Me Coach” and “My Personal Best.” http://www.amazon.com

John Wooden coaching a UCLA game with his familiar rolled-up program

He is famous for his “Pyramid of Success,” a list of characteristics put together in a pyramid form to show the basic foundations that a person must build up in him/herself in order to reach the top – SUCCESS – which is defined by Coach Wooden as “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” I was proud to have won a framed, autographed “Pyramid of Success” from Coach Wooden at his basketball camp for being one of the top campers. 

In order from the foundation/base of the pyramid and moving to the top, following is
John Wooden’s 15 “Building Blocks” of the “Pyramid of Success.” I shared this with my son when he was in junior high. It’s a good goal-setting roadmap for your children…or for yourself. Read more »

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Jun 05 2010

Dennis Prager on the Future of America

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Contributed by John C:

I warned voters for more than a year before the 2008 elections that for the first time in history we would be choosing not between democrat and Republican or liberal and conservative, but between socialism and capitalism. Similarly, in the 2010 elections, we will not be voting for typical democrat or Republican policies (both parties and their policies have become corrupt). Instead, we will be choosing one last time on whether to become a socialist country, or return to the founding principles that led to American exceptionalism. Read more »