May 27 2010

Research Help

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Contributed by Tawnya, this is a document that may help those of you who do research or for the researchers within your groups. It is full of links for various resources and some how to’s. If you start with the last page (12), a sample question is presented: “Why did Avista promote manmade climate change in November 2009 after ClimateGate emails indicated it was a scam.  How are they benefiting?”

Step by step instructions follow: Read more »

May 27 2010

What’s Happening in Arizona

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obamaspeakCartoon courtesy of Mark Dean. Sums it up succinctly!

May 25 2010

84th Annual Memorial Day Celebration

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Memorial Day Concert and Ceremony

When:   Monday, May 31, 2010 1:30 PM

Where:  Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park

1111 Aurora Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109

Band Concert at 1:30pm
Ceremony at 2:00pm

On Monday, May 31, 2010, Evergreen Washelli will host their 84th Annual Memorial Day Commemorative Service. Please join fellow citizens to honor America’s fallen and salute the flags on the ‘Avenue of Colors.’ The Seattle Pacific University Symphonic Wind Ensemble will perform, as well as soloist Maria Kesovija. The concert begins at 1:30pm and the ceremony will commence at 2:00pm. A guided tour of the Medal of Honor Recipients to follow the ceremony.

More info here:

May 25 2010

Mexican President Calderon is a Hypocrite

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Listen at 1:56. He says that illegal aliens in Mexico cannot get jobs. If they make it passed the Mexican border and get caught, they are deported. Last week, he accused Arizona of opening the door “to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement” by enforcing immigration laws.

May 24 2010

Come to the USA!

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May 23 2010


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May 21 2010

Updated:Mexico President Calderon blasts Arizona’s new immigration law

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Watch this and then read Michelle Maulkin’s post on How Mexico treats illegal aliens. Incredible! FYI, here is Senate Bill 1070.

Rep. Tom McClintock (R CA) Response to Mexican President Caldron:

May 20 2010

Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security

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Every American should see this. Our government is not accepting it’s responsibility to guard our borders. We the people will pay for it with our blood.

Part 1 and Part 2.

May 16 2010

Candidates’ Forum: May 18th

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Can one of these guys replace Jay Inslee?

May 18th, 7-9 PM (open at 6:30)
Innis Arden Clubhouse
1430 Northwest 188th Street
Shoreline, WA 98177

US Representative Candidate Forum (1st District)
Matthew Burke
James Watkins

Moderated by:
Kirby Wilber, radio talk show host


May 16 2010

Billboards, Revisited

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Back in March there was a discussion about pooling our resources to finance a billboard (s). Well, had an excellent post about “Freedom Boards Across America“. Be sure to look at ‘instructions ‘ and ‘designs ‘.

Jeff recently contacted ‘Clear Channel’ (they do billboards in the Seattle area) and this is their quote:

•The poster size billboards, which are the most common size of billboard (10’5”x22’8”) are $1,190 per location for four weeks.
•Printing for the poster size will vary on quantity and number of designs, but it would cost less than $150 per poster to print. The materials that we use on the posters are only able to be used once, so every time that you move locations, you’d need to print a new poster.
•You can be on any location for either 4 or 8 weeks, depending on your preference.
•The space cost of $1,190 per poster location for four weeks includes the installation cost of posting the sign every four weeks. If you wanted to post a new design two weeks into the campaign (e.g. a tease and reveal campaign) there is a $100 posting fee.

What is yet to be determined is a map of their billboard locations. Jeff and/or I will follow up this week.