Apr 25 2013

Carlin on plastic bags and other stuff

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WARNING! Profanity!


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Apr 13 2013

House of Horror

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gosnellWhat’s wrong with this picture?
Empty seats reserved for press at Gosnell Trial.
(JD Mullane/phillyburbs.com)

The Kermit Gosnell trail started on March 18th. He’s the abortion doctor who stuck scissors into the necks of babies born alive. This occurred many, many times. I won’t repeat the horrific details Here is the Grand Jury Report. The first 19 pages are the ‘overview’ which is certain to grab your attention.  Scrolling down, pictorial evidence is provided, such as jars containing the severed feet of babies and a 30-week baby girl.

The silence from mainstream media is deafening. Since the trial began, there is not one mention in the printed version of the Seattle Times. Does it not meet the Seattle Times political agenda? This is not about being ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-life.’ It’s about basic human rights.

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Jun 30 2012

The City’s SPU Acquisition Shell Game

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Pay close attention because this pertains to a measure that will be on the ballot for the November election.

The City of Shoreline has been playing fast and loose with their City Council Meeting Agenda Planner. Click to enlarge the table above to see how many changes have been made since April to upcoming meetings that appear related to the City’s efforts to acquire the Seattle Public Utility’s (SPU’s) drinking water system. The City does not make a history of changes to its Agenda Planner available to the public, so the SPU shell game would not be obvious to an infrequent visitor to the City’s website.

So why all the changes? Is it deliberate deception or mere incompetence? One thing is certain: The City would have you believe they know all there is to know to conclude that acquiring the utility would be a good thing. They have never jumped around on that the way they have with the Council’s Agenda.

You can look forward to a barage of campaigning this summer and fall to convince you they know what they are doing up at City Hall. But do they?

Jun 17 2012

Pelosi and other endorse Agenda 21 back in 1992

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Watch Nany Pelosi and other Congress members endorse Agenda 21 on the House floor back in 1992. This exposé of Agenda 21 cover up, published by Freedom Advocates in 2004, shows that advocates at one time openly declared their support for Agenda 21. Nowadays amnesia is rampant. So what happened? Are you now or have you ever been…

May 17 2012

Richmond Beach: Woodway’s mud room

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In the ongoing free-for-all for Pt. Wells tax revenues, Woodway pitches smaller plan for Point Wells.

Apr 30 2012

Stunt your growth management

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First they will stack and pack us in mixed use towers in Town Center, all in the name of the Agenda 21 euphemism, Growth Management. Only after that mission is accomplished will they proceed to trot out the ‘research’ on the effects of second-hand smoke in apartment buildings, which they will use to justify an ordinance for ‘tobacco-free high-density housing’. They have 2 Visions for 2029: the one they let us see, and the one they don’t.

Mar 16 2012

Openness in Government — Too High A Price?

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Former US Senator Slade Gorton raised an interesting question last week about the impact of openness in government on the historical record, particularly for the Presidency. Sen. Gorton was a guest speaker last Saturday at the Washington Coalition for Open Government’s Open Government Sunshine Week Conference in Seattle, a celebration of both the 40th anniversary of the Public Disclosure Act and the 41st anniversary of the Open Public Meetings Act).

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Mar 10 2012

Defending Point Wells

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endangered species look out for each other

Point Wells today

Scenes like this are what you can find today just 2 miles from Shoreline’s Town Center. Are you sure you want to trade these for the resort package Jay is bringing down the aisle?

Mar 03 2012

Now is no time to be pragmatic.

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Support the presidential candidate you believe in, though the heavens fall.

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Feb 28 2012

We the people…can do better than this

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“It was the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who said the role of government is to do for the people what they cannot do better for themselves.”

–President Barack Obama, May 1, 2010, University of Michigan Commencement Address.

And the corollary to this sage maxim by our 16th president is:

Do not do for the people what they can do better for themselves.