Jul 02 2010

The Great “R” Problem

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Contributed by Ed:

The R platform is 100% Tea worthy.  The great R problem is its lack of platform fidelity on the part of too many of its electeds.   The same fundamental problem we face nationally, the desire of the elites to harness everyone else and press them into their service, is mirrored in the R party rift between the grass roots and the leadership.  Read more »

Jun 29 2010

Now That You’ve Awakened…Take Out Your Checkbook

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While liberals and progressives saw 2009 as the beginning of their messiah’s term in office and enjoyed more than ever the nanny-state they are living in, thousands of Conservatives and Constitutionalists in the Puget Sound area woke up in 2009 and realized our state and our country would soon be beyond rescuing if we didn’t do something. So we made intelligently worded signs mocking our current politicians and waved them at Tea Parties. We yelled in unison with other newly-awakened sleeping giants in Olympia, Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett, chanting “No new taxes!” and “You can keep the change!”

I’m not downplaying the significance and therapeutic benefits of Tea Parties, as it’s terrific that so many of my fellow citizens have awakened. But you have to admit it isn’t too difficult to participate in a Tea Party. When you stand around holding a sign and shouting with people you agree with, it can be both fun and fulfilling, but it’s also fairly easy. So I would like to persuade my fellow Tea Partiers, Conservatives, and Constitution-followers to do something more difficult. Read more »

Jun 26 2010

Feel Good Story

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May 27 2010

Research Help

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Contributed by Tawnya, this is a document that may help those of you who do research or for the researchers within your groups. It is full of links for various resources and some how to’s. If you start with the last page (12), a sample question is presented: “Why did Avista promote manmade climate change in November 2009 after ClimateGate emails indicated it was a scam.  How are they benefiting?”

Step by step instructions follow: Read more »

May 16 2010

Candidates’ Forum: May 18th

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Can one of these guys replace Jay Inslee?

May 18th, 7-9 PM (open at 6:30)
Innis Arden Clubhouse
1430 Northwest 188th Street
Shoreline, WA 98177

US Representative Candidate Forum (1st District)
Matthew Burke
James Watkins

Moderated by:
Kirby Wilber, radio talk show host

Please RSVP@shorelinecaucus.com

May 16 2010

Billboards, Revisited

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Back in March there was a discussion about pooling our resources to finance a billboard (s). Well, Hotair.com had an excellent post about “Freedom Boards Across America“. Be sure to look at ‘instructions ‘ and ‘designs ‘.

Jeff recently contacted ‘Clear Channel’ (they do billboards in the Seattle area) and this is their quote:

•The poster size billboards, which are the most common size of billboard (10’5”x22’8”) are $1,190 per location for four weeks.
•Printing for the poster size will vary on quantity and number of designs, but it would cost less than $150 per poster to print. The materials that we use on the posters are only able to be used once, so every time that you move locations, you’d need to print a new poster.
•You can be on any location for either 4 or 8 weeks, depending on your preference.
•The space cost of $1,190 per poster location for four weeks includes the installation cost of posting the sign every four weeks. If you wanted to post a new design two weeks into the campaign (e.g. a tease and reveal campaign) there is a $100 posting fee.

What is yet to be determined is a map of their billboard locations. Jeff and/or I will follow up this week.

Mar 28 2010

Updated–Would this look good on Aurora Avenue?

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 “This photo is of a billboard recently established on I-75 just south of Lake City, Florida.  We gathered there today to celebrate it’s unveiling.  The cost of 10-months rental for the billboard along with the artwork was $6500.  We feel that’s a reasonable cost to reach out to about 1,000,000 vehicles per month.  Hopefully it will help to motivate voters into participating in the electoral process and get our country back on more sound footing once again by VOTING OUT everyone that’s in Washington. ”

Could members of www.washingtonpatriothub.com  pool our resources for something like this?

Jan 21 2010

Legislative Participation Information & Links

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Received an email from Citizens for HJM4009 last night that is full of great information!

Want to know how the legislative process works in Olympia? We have uploaded a 13 page word document to save you some time from having to jump from one link to another on the legislative website. You can go here: http://citizensforhjm4009.ning.com/forum/topics/participating-in-the

The information can also be found at the legislative website http://www.leg.wa.gov

The TVW site is a great place to see visually how the process works.  I have added a link to a video where HB2669 & HB2708 were being discussed on the floor and a roll call vote was taken on each.

TVW   – view the process on HB 2669 & HB2708 go to: http://www.tvw.org/media/mediaplayer.cfm?evid=2010010091&TYPE=V&CFID=757414&CFTOKEN=14526763&bhcp=1 Read more »

Jan 15 2010

Petition to Audit the Federal Reserve

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  With Congress spending TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars and the Federal Reserve literally creating money out of thin air, it’s never been more important you and I force Congress to Audit the Fed.

That’s why it is vital you sign this petition to your Senators and Representative DEMANDING they support Rep. Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill.

After you sign, please make a contribution to Campaign for Liberty to get more folks in this fight.  Unlike the Federal Reserve, Campaign for Liberty cannot just print money out of thin air to spread the word.

Here is an earlier post about the Federal Reserve.

Jan 13 2010

NO new taxes in 2010!

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Please sign the petition!