Dec 09 2012

Best Speech of 2012! (Bill Whittle)

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Where was this video BEFORE the election?

Oct 27 2012

Shoreline Caucus Voter’s Guide

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The following are recommendations, based on an analysis of the issues and candidates from a conservative perspective. No matter how you vote on some of these issues or candidates, please mark and return your ballots as soon as you can – voter turnout is very important in this election. And, please consider canvassing your neighborhood to see if anyone would like some help with ballot items, or if elderly or shut-ins would like you to drop their ballot in the mail. Also, please forward this guide to your friends on email and facebook. Again, anything you can do to help increase voter turnout is very important in the next couple of weeks.

Initiative 1185 , concerning Tax and Fee Increases Imposed by State Government (requiring 2/3 vote)

Recommend voting FOR this measure. I-960 was approved in 2007, then in 2010 the legislature suspended it and raised taxes $6.7 billion. State Sen. Marilyn Chase was recorded in the 2010 race saying that “We don’t have a tax problem, we have a revenue problem.” The state constitution requires that the legislature create a balanced budget, and this measure requires legislators to make hard choices, not simply raise taxes to balance their spending habits. Read more »

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Oct 18 2012

Low information voters

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Top comment:   This is why people need to pass a limitedIQ test in order to vote. Saves the country from electing idiots like Bush and Obama.
Oct 07 2012

Can’t vote, but may be burdened by our choices

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The teenagers who speak in this video belong to These young people realize that if they don’t stand up and speak out for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness today, they will be living in a very different America tomorrow. H/T Ken.

Sep 30 2012

100 Reasons to vote for Romney and why not to vote for Obama

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H/T Frieda! Listen to Hugh Hewitt’s reasons.

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Sep 30 2012

Voter ID: An analysis

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I have some friends  and  relatives who are opposed to voter ID. I don’t understand. We need ID for everything in this day and age of identity theft.  It seems like a no brainer to me. Read more »

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Sep 30 2012

Why I changed my vote

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Americans who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 share why they’re changing their vote in 2012 and will be casting their ballot for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November. H/T Kathi.

Sep 30 2012

Congressional District #7: Candidate Ron Bemis v Jim McDermott

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From Ron Bemis:

Dear Friends and Supporters,


It’s now time to UPSET Washington D.C.! After our upset victory in the August Primary Election for the 7th CD, we now move forward to upset Jim McDermott on November 6th!

Big Money controls politics?  Not this time. Our barely 2 month new campaign was outspent 15:1 by an historically high spending $250,000 ‘Big Money’ challenger (who campaigned 16 months) — yet we won against him … and we won with 2-1/2 times his vote total!

Newcomer trampled by a crowded field?  Not this time. 6 challengers squared off in the primary to face the career incumbent in November– and our underreported new campaign won against all the challengers …  and we won more votes than ALL of them combined! Read more »

Sep 30 2012

Auditor’s Race: Candidate Watkins writes about opponent Kelly

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From James Watkins, candidate for state auditor:

Friends – this is an unpleasant post to write.

As soon as State Representative Troy Kelley entered the race, my campaign started getting bizarre tips and allegations about Troy – things like misappropriation of funds, suspicious office fires, theft, and offshore bank accounts in Belize.  The tips increased after he spent a record amount of ‘his’ own money to fool voters into thinking he was endorsed by Brian Sonntag for state auditor.

So, in a manner similar to traditional whistle-blower allegations, my team of volunteer researchers checked it out.  Unfortunately, we uncovered a trove of lawsuits and court documents that detail an otherwise unbelievable story – a story that voters deserve to know.

But I’m not asking voters to take my word for it.  Detailed case summaries, time-lines, and searchable PDF’s of the original documents are posted at Certified copies of case files can be obtained from the original courts of jurisdiction.  Voters can read the summaries and documents and decide for themselves.

Brief summaries are below: Read more »

Sep 11 2012

Ron Bemis, John Koster and Clint Didier guests at next meeting

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Tuesday September 18, 2012
6:30—9:00 PM — Innis Arden Clubhouse
1430 NW 188th
Shoreline, WA 98177

We invite you to hear from the following candidates:

  • Ron Bemis is the Republican Congressional candidate for the CD_07 , opposing incumbent Jim McDermott. Here is his press release.
  • John Koster is the Republican Congressional candidate for the CD_01 , opposing Suzan DelBene. As a result of the 2010 Census, Congressional District maps have been redrawn. Check to see is yours has changed. This is a large file so please be patient!
  • Clint Didier is running for Commissioner of Public Lands, opposing Peter Goldmark.

Shoreline Caucus is honored to host all three candidates during our September 18th meeting. So please come on Tuesday, September 18th to talk with this interesting group of candidates. Coffee and treats are served at 6:30 PM and the meeting begins at 7:00 PM!