Mar 31 2014

Thomas Sowell: How Republicans Can Win Black Votes

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Thomas Sowell recently wrote an article in the National Review about how to reach out to black voters.  It’s not about entitlements (Democrats already do that). There are issues in which Republicans have an advantage over Democrats:

The issue on which Democrats are most vulnerable, and have the least room to maneuver, is school choice. Democrats are heavily in hock to the teachers’ unions, who see public schools as places to guarantee jobs for teachers, regardless of what that means for the education of students.

Most Americans want what is best for their kids, and charter schools and voucher programs have proven results. Because Democrats are beholden to teachers’ unions, they cannot defend school choice.

The minimum wage law is another problem that promotes black youth unemployment (but most people don’t see the correlation).

Many people today would be surprised to learn that there were once years when the unemployment rate for black 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds was under 10 percent. But their unemployment rates have not been under 20 percent in more than half a century. In some years, their unemployment rate has been over 40 percent.

Why such great differences between earlier and later times? In the late 1940s, inflation had rendered meaningless the minimum wage set in 1938. Without that encumbrance, black teenagers found it a lot easier to get jobs than after the series of minimum-wage escalations that began in the 1950s.

If Republicans had enough courage and could articulate these issues, they might be able to reduce the rate of 90% of the Black population voting Democrat.

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