Sep 30 2012

Congressional District #7: Candidate Ron Bemis v Jim McDermott

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From Ron Bemis:

Dear Friends and Supporters,


It’s now time to UPSET Washington D.C.! After our upset victory in the August Primary Election for the 7th CD, we now move forward to upset Jim McDermott on November 6th!

Big Money controls politics?  Not this time. Our barely 2 month new campaign was outspent 15:1 by an historically high spending $250,000 ‘Big Money’ challenger (who campaigned 16 months) — yet we won against him … and we won with 2-1/2 times his vote total!

Newcomer trampled by a crowded field?  Not this time. 6 challengers squared off in the primary to face the career incumbent in November– and our underreported new campaign won against all the challengers …  and we won more votes than ALL of them combined!

McDermott won again by 80%?  Not this time. He had his lowest vote percentage of any election, primary or general, in the 24 years since he began back in 1989 … and this time it was 12% lower than each of his past 4 elections.

Will the incumbent inevitably win in November?  Not this time. This time, more than twice as many voters (less active, less partisan, and more independent) are expected to vote in the general election.  This time, for the first time, he faces a redrawn district with new voters.  This time, for the first time, he faces ever more fiscally concerned voters who now have a serious challenger, who is much better qualified, effective, dedicated, and successful in law, business, education, and local community public service, to be able to help actually fix the fiscal mess and other unsolved problems for our district and country that D.C. incumbents like Jim McDermott have not — and who can appeal to ALL voters, of whatever political leanings, as one who gets things done, is caring, is accessible, will protect both liberty and justice for all, will independently and mutually work to solve problems, and wants to keep D.C. out of our social lives.  For the first time, our district’s voters will have a clear choice to lift off the excessive debt spending and big partisan/no results record of an incumbent who has largely checked out already, let him retire after all these years, and instead try someone else who is prepared to work together and has the mind, heart, and advocacy skills, and will be in a position in the House majority in Congress, to be heard, be effective, and get results in our common interest.

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