May 20 2012

Why conservatives eschew the ‘birther’ issue

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The New American criticized the conservative alternate media for not persuing the issue of President Obama’s birthplace, in a May 18, 2012 article, New Evidence that Obama Was Born in Kenya is Explained Away.

Most conservatives try to distance themselves from the question of Obama’s birthplace, not because they think he was born in the US, but because they are convinced that raising the birth issue is not helpful to their political ends; they don’t want to be perceived as nutjobs. They won’t re-raise the Reverend Wright issue this campaign either, for the same reason.

But this fact is clear and NOT disputed by the Left: a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, touts (for it is a promotional bio) that Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” In addition, it is not disputed that this statement was not “corrected” until 16 years later, 2 months AFTER he announced his candidacy for President of the US.

No, these facts are not disputed (by those who are are aware of them); but they are DISMISSED by virtually everyone on the Left, and by most on the Right as well. Facts equivalent to a brochure at Cape Kennedy declaring the Moon landing was staged to win the US space race with the Soviet Union, or an exhibit in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC declaring that The Holocaust was revisionist history unabashedly written by the WWII victors, or a plaque at the September 11 Memorial in NYC bragging that 9-11 was staged to summon the political will to destroy the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Obama (through his assigns) once exotically promoted himself as being born in Kenya, yet later claimed he was born in Hawaii. This legitimately raises the question of his honesty with regards to meeting Constitutional requirements for Presidency, whether agrees or not.

The answer is not clear, but the question is, and it is a legitimate one.

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