May 09 2012

Video: What a history lesson can do for an Occupier

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Be sure to watch the video from Hotair:
The irony here, of course, is that the history lesson of democracy gets delivered by a former refugee from the former Soviet Union, but the history lesson doesn’t just end with the USA. One young man tried to pass an “Occupy Wall Street Journal” to two men observing the protests, and ended up gaining an education in history, politics, economics, and statecraft. Give the young Occupier credit, as Joe Schoffstall says — he was at least willing to listen.
Our group has its own refugee, Eva, who escaped from communist Hungary during the revolution of 1956. She is equally well informed and grateful for capitalism.  Here’s her story:

(Side note: After WWII, Russian soldiers took over Hungary. Eva’s young mother put ash in her hair so that she would look like an old woman, trying to avoid being raped by the soldiers, which was rampant.)

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