Feb 22 2012

The Conservative Alternative to President Obama

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Note: Shoreline Caucus is promoting a presidential candidate debate and encourages participation. Click here for more details.

The 2012 elections offer us the opportunity to reverse the radical Obama agenda, and to put our nation back on a course towards job creation, economic prosperity, and balanced budgets. And for the first time in many years, the State of Washington will have a vital role to play in the presidential selection process.


I endorse Newt Gingrich for president, and will be caucusing for Newt on Saturday March 3 at the precinct caucuses. Newt Gingrich has a proven record of effective conservative leadership and accomplishment – exactly what our nation needs. We can’t allow the liberal media to decide our candidate; the stakes are too high. America can’t afford a second Obama term – we can’t have him making the Supreme Court nominations through January 2017. To increase the chances of winning against Obama, we must nominate a true Reagan conservative.


I urge you to join me in caucusing for Newt on Saturday March 3. Go to http://www.newt.org/states/washington to find out the location of your precinct caucus, and to learn how you can support the campaign. When you join the Gingrich campaign, you are joining Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michael Reagan, J.C. Watts, Fred Thompson, Chuck Norris, Todd Palin, Thomas Sowell, and many other conservative leaders who support Newt for president.


The Newt Gingrich campaign offers the conservative policies America needs, and his record and experience show that he is the one who can best actually implement needed change as president. The Tea Party movement rose in opposition to Obama’s “stimulus” spending and Obamacare, and Newt is strongly committed to the goals of the Tea Party movement – limited government, tax reform, free market solutions, and repeal of Obamacare.


Newt advocates an American energy policy – putting Americans to work producing American oil in America for use by Americans. Newt says: Drill here, drill now, increase supply, reduce prices. Newt is the strongest candidate on foreign policy and national security – he understands the threat of the Iranian nuclear program. And Newt has been outspoken in defense of religious freedom and against secular judicial activism gone wild. For more information about the Gingrich campaign platform, go to http://www.Newt.org


The Democratic politicians, progressive elites, Alinsky radicals, and leftist media know Newt well, and they know he is an effective, strong, Reagan conservative. As Speaker, Newt was effective and successful – achieving balanced budgets, welfare reform, and tax cuts. The liberal elites fear a Gingrich presidency because they know that as president, Newt would repeal Obamacare, reverse the Obama agenda, and dramatically alter the current direction of the America. All the more reason for conservatives to support Newt’s campaign. If you agree, please join me in caucusing for Newt on Saturday March 3. For precinct locations and other important information, go to http://www.newt.org/states/washington

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