Feb 22 2012

Newt:Leader for the 21st Century

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Newt Gingrich has spent his entire life making America a better place. No one is as qualified as he to steer our country through these uncertain times.

In 1981, Newt pushed for passage of the Kemp Roth tax reform bill that launched Reaganomics. Later, Newt set out to elect a Republican majority in congress. After a decade of consensus building, he wrote The Contract with America and asked candidates to sign. His Conservative Opportunity Society worked tirelessly to elect every candidate who signed the contract. In 1994 Republicans were swept into a majority in the House for the first time in 44 years. During his first 100 days as Speaker they accomplished something that has never been done before or since; they voted on all 10 planks of the contract. Working around the clock they passed a balanced budget amendment, strong crime prevention reforms, welfare reform, security reforms to prevent US troops from being required to serve under the UN command, tort reform, massive tax reform including indexing tax brackets for inflation, removing the marriage penalty and providing the first child tax credit. They proposed, but did not pass, term limits on members of congress.

During his term as Speaker, we had four years in a row of balanced budgets, the largest capital gains tax cut in history, welfare reform that moved two-thirds of recipients off welfare and into jobs or training, spending was reduced, thus shrinking  the size of government. Over 8 million new jobs were created and the unemployment rate held steady at about 4%.

Newt served on the Defense Policy Board under George W. Bush which provided national security counsel to the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense. He has taught officers of all five branches of the military. Therefore, he is most prepared from day one to institute policies that will protect American sovereignty and security. He is the only candidate who has promised to uproot Agenda 21.

Newt’s 21st Century Contract with America proposes a flat 15% tax that can be reported on a postcard. He is the only candidate who offers privatized social security accounts. Retirement savings will be invested in the economy instead of being spent by the government. This will create enormous growth and citizens will accumulate wealth they can leave to their children. He reduces the corporate tax rate to the lowest rate in the world; this will bring jobs back to America. He will eliminate the capital gains tax entirely, resulting in a huge spike in business investment and job creation. His drill here, drill now proposal will create energy independence and thousands of new private sector jobs. His “Patient Power” healthcare reforms will put citizens in charge of their own healthcare decisions. He also proposes policies to strengthen the dollar. He will implement Lean management principals in government. Furthermore, he will repeal Obamacare, The Dodd-Frank Bill, and Sarbannes-Oxley.

Newt has been endorsed by some conservative heavy weights: Art Laffer, Thomas Sowell, Bud McFarlane, Rick Perry, Michael Reagan, J.C. Watts, Fred Thompson, Herman Cain and many others.

His lovely wife, Callista, is president of Gingrich Productions, which produces historical and political documentaries like “Ronald Reagan, Rendezvous with Destiny” and “Our Heritage”. She is an accomplished musician, a member of a professional choir in Washington D.C. and she plays the French horn in a local band. She is also a professional photographer whose photographs can be seen in her documentaries.

In conclusion, many things have been said about Newt that are not true. But, when we consider his record and his policies for growth, prosperity and freedom; Newt is the only choice for America’s future.

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