Feb 21 2012

The case for Mitt Romney

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The first and most important reason I support Mitt Romney for president is he is a former Governor and his opponents have none of this “unique” experience on their resumes. The salient point of having a governorship in your history is that of being the CEO of a state or in other words, that place where the buck ultimately stops. There are and have been good governors and bad governors and among even the best governors, what I perceive as mistakes or errors inevitably happen. One cannot be all things to all people all the time and if a governor has true character he will learn from his errors and grow accordingly so to recognize future pitfalls. Mitt Romney has made decisions I would not agree with but he has stood responsible for those issues and has explained them to my satisfaction given the context of his tenure in a very liberal state. I keep in mind that Ronald Reagan started as a democrat and union leader and grew into one of our greatest presidents and champion of conservative thought.

In contrast candidates that have only congressional (one of 435) or senatorial (one of 100) experience do not have the same qualifications and have never had a “buck stops here” responsibility. They may have championed or led on a specific issue but have done nothing without others help and never have to take sole blame for failure. In my lifetime only two presidents have come directly from the senate (JFK & BHO) and none from the congress, most come from governorships and the reason is the critical importance of executive experience. Look at how devastating the Obama tenure has been and we ultimately do not know about JFK as his term was cut short.

Mitt Romney has the executive experience (and philosophy) from both the private and public sector and, I believe, the strength and temperament to, (if not fill) follow in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan.

Lastly I am disturbed that so many on the right hold Romney’s Mormon faith against him when considering the election. I saw this happen (I was young then) listening to friends of my parents rail against JFK for his Catholicism and fear a theocratic president. I contend Romney will govern to his economic philosophy and his patriotism rather than his religious faith.

Jay Demme
Edmonds 32
Conservative voter since the Nixon administration

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