Feb 21 2012

Mitt Romney

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Note: Shoreline Caucus is promoting a presidential candidate debate and encourages participation. Click here for more details.

Last night I wept bitterly about how the Democrats have taken over the GOP in selecting our presidential candidate. For us the only candidate who can beat Obama is Mitt.

Republicans paved the way for Obama to win the ‘08 elections. If the GOP had elected Mitt, Obama could not have won the election. Romney is more conservative than President Reagan before he became a Republican but people are saying Romney is not conservative enough to be our candidate for presidency (Sarah Palin thank you very much for destroying GOP).

Oh my God! Obama has already won the election because of how we are mistreating Mitt.  I am supporting Romney. We can’t afford to lose this election because Obama will turn this country into third world country and bankrupt the USA.  THIS IS MY PAPER BALLOT TO SUPPORT MITT ROMNEY.

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