Feb 21 2012

Rick Santorum

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Why I Pick Rick

I’m looking for a candidate who shares the traditional values of being Pro-Life, Pro-Constitution, Pro-God…and Anti-Obama. Although all four of the Republican candidates also hold these values, some candidates are not as passionate about them, and it can be argued that some have flip-flopped so much that it’s hard to believe exactly where they stand. For example, we have two candidates who both went against the Constitution by previously promoting cap and trade, TARP, and the individual health care mandate.  And a third candidate who shies away from promoting Life and God, because he calls talking about social issues a “losing position.” That brings us to the fourth candidate – Rick Santorum.

Before Rick Santorum took the lead in the number of state caucuses won so far, people were skeptical about a candidate who is known for being such a strong social conservative and who didn’t have as much money as the so-called frontrunner. Many were falling for the mainstream GOP thinking that all we had to do was nominate a candidate who was the most moderate on the issues and had raised the most money, and the White House would be ours. The reality is none of the four Republicans will be the one raising the most money this election – that will be Obama. And if a Republican’s strategy is to present himself as moderate on the issues so to not rankle any independent voters, Obama is going to do the same thing as the election approaches. There won’t be enough of a difference seen between the “new and improved 2012” Obama being slightly left of center, and the Republican candidate being slightly right of center. Therefore, we need more than money to defeat President Obama, and we need a candidate who is a clear distinction from the Democrats.

Ronald Reagan had the same idea three decades ago, when he said we need our Republican party to “raise a banner of bold colors, no pale pastels; a banner instantly recognized as standing for certain values which will not be compromised.” If we repeat our mistakes from prior presidential elections, when we raised the pale pastel banners of candidates such as McCain and Dole, then we will lose again in 2012.

When I think of Reagan’s wisdom, Rick Santorum comes to mind as the Republican with the boldest of colors. As a US Senator, Rick authored the partial-birth abortion ban act. He forced the only vote on a Federal Marriage Amendment. He ended a federal entitlement program. He exposed a Congressional bank scandal. Having served eight years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Rick Santorum is the only candidate with foreign and defense policy experience.

Santorum is raising his bold colors during this Presidential campaign in a multitude of areas. Santorum pledges to create jobs in America with a smarter and simpler tax code. He will force the federal government to shrink and live within its means by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment, and he will reinvigorate our domestic manufacturing and energy potential by ending Obama’s restrictive oil and gas drilling policies, by passing an immediate cut of the business income tax rate, and by setting a zero tax rate for manufacturing activity.

Unlike moderate Republicans, Rick Santorum is willing to focus his campaign on more than just the economy and jobs. He proudly engages in explaining how faith, family, and freedom are inter-related. Dismissing social issues in this 2012 campaign is something a candidate with pale pastels would do, but that is a losing strategy. The media is propping-up the White House talking points that the economy is recovering, and Obama’s administration plays around with the jobs numbers enough that the country thinks unemployment is steadily going down. Who knows what magic unemployment number Obama will pull out of his hat this fall – 7.9%? 6.9%? Should these trends and fabrications continue, Obama wins the economy and jobs argument. Then what is left for pale pastel campaigns to use to contrast themselves with Democrats?

Santorum is offering the loudest, clearest, and most consistently-conservative alternative to the leftist agenda, which is why the Santorum-Surge is spreading throughout the country. We have the power in Washington State at our March 3rd caucuses, to send a message that we need bold colors and will not settle for pale pastels.

-Dan Michael
Founder of The Puget Sound Conservative Underground
http://www.meetup.com/PugetSoundConservativeUnderground/ and

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