Feb 20 2012

Ron Paul

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Ron Paul is typically consistent and intelligent in his core values and political concepts.  The bottom line – if you want to get the government out of our private lives – if you want the government to stop controlling us – if you want to cut government regulation – Ron Paul is the only candidate who is consistent in applying these fundamental genuinely conservative concepts as opposed to simply cherry-picking to fit his preconceived religious ideology and simply using conservative concepts for personal political gain, power and control.

Ron Paul recognizes that the phony drug war – really state sponsored terrorism by the US Federal government against its own citizens – is nothing but the most obscene government control and regulation over free citizens, over our own bodies and property – the authority for which we NEVER gave to them and is NOT in the constitution – and which is absolutely contrary to genuine conservative principles.  Ron Paul is the only real job creator in the bunch as evidenced by his support to re-establish the industrial hemp agriculture which would create tens of thousands of jobs nation-wide and provide a great stimulus to the economy since we would buy American industrial hemp products rather than Canadian.  If you want to create jobs don’t prohibit a fundamental industry as the current Obama administration (and Bush and Clinton and Bush, Sr and Reagan) is doing in contrast to the last several millennia of human history.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy actually treats other nations as intelligent adults rather than sets up a master-slave regime as both Democrats and Republicans have always done (see overthrow of democratically elected Iranian government to install the Shaw (any wonder why the Iranians hate the US…???).  Likewise Ron Paul wants to focus on genuine free trade and stay out of other countries – including ending the ultra silly and stupid embargo with Cuba which is simply a drag on our economy (more job destroying government regulation by Dems and Reps alike).

Ron Paul’s biggest weakness is that he allowed Newsletters in his name to be published that contained severely degrading statements regarding free and peaceful American citizens and he does not yet really understand the significance of his error here based on my observation.

There are a LOT of other positive items for Ron including the fact that he might be the only Republican that can beat Obama at this time.

Greg Logan

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