Jun 06 2010


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Our first billboard was displayed just north of 175th on the west side of Aurora facing south!  Dori Monson talked about it on Friday, June 25th.

Between August 25th and September 21st,  this sign was displayed just north of 145th on the west side of Aurora facing south (an excellent location!):

On September 21st this sign is displayed at the same location:

09/28/2010: Dave Duffy from Clear Channel contacted me today about a person who is willing to put $5,000 into a large (14′ high by 48′ wide) billboard on Alaskan Way. He needs $2,000 more for printing and space during the 2 weeks before the election (starting October 18th). This person wants to know if anyone would be interested in contributing. Here’s the design:

Feedback indicates that the message isn’t strong enough so here’s a revised version:


Here’s the location:

Please email Dave Duffy of Clear Channel (DavidDuffy@clearchannel.com)  if you want to pledge a contribution. After $2,000 in pledges has been collected, Dave will let you know.

 Thank you!

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