Jun 03 2010

Mr. Gore, why are you sending jobs to China?

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This is an email from Ann McElhinney  and Phelim McAleer (the filmmakers of “Not Evil Just Wrong“):

Dear Friends,

That is the question we wanted to ask Al Gore when he accepted his honorary degree from the University of Tennessee.  Unfortunately, questions weren’t allowed at the ceremony, and the media was banned from the fundraiser he held the night before, so we were forced to get creative.  Phelim hired a plane to fly over the commencement ceremonies asking Gore some hard questions.  He also spoke at an event organized by CFACT and the Knoxville Tea Party, alongside Lord Monckton.

And our voices were heard, earning coverage on Fox Nation, Channel 6 News, CBS Volunteer TV, NBC, and Knoxnews.

We also had some questions for the University’s dean.  Why would you award a doctorate to someone whose documentary contains nine significant errors?  If it wouldn’t pass for a school paper, why is it worthy of a degree?

Even more disturbing, Gore is launching an Inconvenient Youth to preach his message to teens, which Phelim spoke out against on the Neil Cavuto show during Earth Day. 

Meanwhile, Ann’s CPAC speech telling James Cameron her thoughts on Avatar’s anti-mining, anti-capitalist message continues to become more beloved by skeptics and hated by alarmists each day.  It has developed a lively comment section and garnered over 50,000 views as a result. 
Breaking alarmists hold on children’s education is vital to our cause. In April, we spoke out against bias in the classrooms at the Atlanta and Sacramento Tax Day Tea Parties. 

We’ve also joined forces with the Independent Women’s Forum to launch a Balanced Education for Everyone (BEE).  BEE asks that children are given all the facts about the climate science debate, that Not Evil Just Wrong is shown side by side with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.  We are spreading the message, and that involves a lot of talking, hence our appearances on the Steve Wark Show, Andy Caldwell Show, KION Monterey, MSNBC, and the Glen Biegle Show.

Free peer-reviewed educational materials were created to help teach kids the facts behind the climate controversy, and we are giving away free copies of Not Evil Just Wrong to schools.  If your child is being force fed climate alarmism, take a stand and demand your child’s classroom become a balanced classroom.  E-mail us at info@noteviljustwrong.com and direct us to your school now.

-Ann & Phelim

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